Middle Bound: Exhibition Launch

Friday 16 February 2018

Middle Bound: Exhibition Launch

Friday 16 February | 6:30pm – 8:30pm | QUAD | Free

For the last week, QUAD gallery became a workshop and open studio exploring communities of The Midlands with 16 artists, designers, photographers and members of the community. Now the workshop is being made into a site specific installation by the artist Patrick Waterhouse and the graphic designer Tim Wan, with the support of curator Mauro Bedoni, and featuring the works of:

Farhad Berahman, Daniela Bayfield, Rica Cerbarano, Attilio Fiumarella, Shirley Hitchcock, Lynne Hollingsworth, Jessica Hollinshead, Tim Kay, Sally Kesterton, Fanni Kopacsi, Patricia Nimmo, Tristan Poyser, Richard Richards, David Severn, Tim Shore, Thomas Tierney.

Tickets are FREE, but spaces are limited. 


The workshop and the exhibition are organised by QUAD with the support of the College of Art, Humanities and Education, University of Derby

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