Mobile Phoneography

Saturday 30 March 2013 to Sunday 31 March 2013

Mobile Photography Masterclass  and Street Photography Walk

Afternoon mobile photography masterclass  and street photography walk with world renowned photographer,  founding member of Mobile Photo Group and author of ‘iphone photography’ Misho Baranvoic. Exclusive workshop with limited to 10 people, booking is essential.

No longer a passing craze, mobile phone photography or ‘phoneography’ has made a serious impact on the photography world. Many photographers are including mobile photography in their practice with impressive results and mobile photography exhibitions are springing up all over the world.

Workshop includes introduction session at the Silk Mill where Misho will share is secrets of street photography followed by a workshop out on the streets of Derby. During which you will learn how using your smartphone can benefit your photography practice and improve your composition skills, while learning or advancing your street photography to capture dramatic images. Try out a range of new apps to enhance and optimise your images and learn how your smartphone can connect you to a wider photography world. Photo workshop includes taking part in The Press  and a visit to a local pub or cafe along the way for a drink and photography critique all of which is included in the price.

Misho Baranovic has partnered with EyeEm and FORMAT to create The Press – the world’s first mobile phone printing press, thousands of photos from all over the world have been uploaded an printed at the Chocolate Factory, click here for more details.