Saturday 02 July 2016 to Sunday 04 September 2016


Dates: 2nd July – 4th September 2016 
Location: QUAD Resource Area
Cost: FREE 

Accompanying Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf will be a presentation of Sunscreen, an online project of 40 digital artworks in the form of downloadable screensavers that visitors to the Sunscreen website are invited to select and install onto their own work stations for free.

Conceived by Candice Jacobs, Sunscreen explores the role of the internet in both work and leisure. It considers how our tastes, aspirations and value systems are controlled through consumerism. Each of the 40 Sunscreen artists has a connection to the East Midlands region. http://sun-screen.uk

The artists include: Pio Abad, Frank Abbott, Liam Aiken , Bruce Asbestos, Anna Barham, Jonathan Baldock & Rafal Zajko, Wayne Burrows, Clare Charnley, Lotti Closs, Mike Cooter , Blue Curry, Alice Gale Feeny, Blue Firth, Lynn Fulton, GÂST , Dinah Gold, Julie Henry & Debbie Bragg , Joey Holder, Abi Hubbard, Harminder Judge, Jake Kent, John Lawrence, Feng-Ru Lee, Dinu Li , Scott Mason, David Moore , Shana Moulton, Fay Nicolson , Karl Ohiri & Sayed Hasan, Rebecca Ounstead, Alex Pain, Mathew Parkin, Alia Pathan , Yelena Popova, Sooree Pillay @ # 61, Simon Raven, Joe Rowley, Oliver Tirre, Freddy Tuppen, Jessica Voorsanger.