Supernatural FX

Saturday 20 September 2014 to Sunday 23 November 2014

Supernatural FX

QUAD have teamed up with FXGURU makers Picadelic for an online digital participation activity for our Supernatural Exhibition.


Download FXGURU for FREE* and get creative with Dancing Skeletons, Demons, Ghosts and all things spooky. Why not direct your own performance alongside these digital entities or dance with your friends beside the Dancing Skeleton from anywhere in the world?


Download FXGURU through the Apple or Play store, or via www.fxguruapp.com.


Share your creations directly from the app or via your computer to participation@derbyquad.co.ukand we’ll upload them to our Supernatural FX playlist at bit.ly/QUADsuperFX to be shown online and as part of the exhibition.


*Please be aware: some FX require in app purchases.

Daily free access to paid FX is also available.