Loveless (15) S

Friday 23 February 2018 to Thursday 01 March 2018

Loveless (15) S

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  • Director Andrey Zvyagintsev
  • Origin Russia/France
  • Year 2017
  • Duration 128 minutes
…eerie thriller of hypnotic, mysterious intensity from Leviathan director. ***** 5 stars” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

Oscar nominated and roundly regarded as one of the films of the year garnering 5 star reviews, Loveless is the new film from Russian auteur Andrey Zvyagintsev (The Return, Leviathan).

It tells the story of a failed marriage in it’s death throes. Boris is still living with his soon-to-be ex wife in the family apartment. Arguing constantly with each other, they are also both in the early stages of new relationships and caught in the middle is their 12 year old son, Alyosha. He is the reason that the unhappy couple were married in the first place when they married after an unexpected pregnancy.

A brilliant film that echoes Ingmar Bergman’s marital dramas and Michaelangelo Antonioni’s metaphysical L’Avventura.