The Cry Of The Owl (15) S

Sunday 18 September 2016 to Tuesday 20 September 2016

The Cry Of The Owl (15) S

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  • Director Claude Chabrol
  • Origin France/Italy
  • Year 1987
  • Duration 102 minutes

Part of Adapting Highsmith: A Season of Patricia Highsmith Adaptations

Highsmith and French director Claude Chabrol seemed to be made for each other. so it’s surprising that the prolific French director (La Femme Infidele, Le Boucher) didn’t turn to the writer’s work more regularly. Although Highsmith herself considered The Cry Of The Owl a lesser novel, Chabrol recognised its great power.

The film centres on the unusual relationship between Robert (Christophe Malavoy) and Juliette (Mathilda May), which develops after Robert, a draughtsman and part time artist, admits to having spied on her for several months.