Halloween Films & Events at QUAD

21 September 2017

QUAD has some exciting events lined up to mark Halloween in October. Dead and Breakfast IX: QUAD’s annual horror film all-nighter, a Zombie film course and Writing Horror Stories course


Dead and Breakfast – QUAD’s annual all-night horror film marathon - returns to the venue to celebrate its 9th year in October. Providing the best in horrific thrills, Dead and Breakfast screens through the night and concludes with a breakfast bacon buttie - or veggie alternative - in QUAD’s Café bar in the morning. This year’s film line-up includes The Omen (1976), Society (1989), A Ghost Story for Christmas: The Signalman (1976) (short), B&B (2017) and The Birds (1963). Dead and Breakfast IX takes place in QUAD on Saturday 28th October, from 8:30pm until dawn. Tickets cost £25, £17.50 concessions for all screenings, followed by breakfast in QUAD Café Bar. For more information or to book tickets click here.

If you still haven't had your fill of horror, then don't miss Fright Club's Friday 13th Double Bill (18) - Parts 2 and 8 - on... Friday 13th October! 

To mark the fifth birthday of QUAD’s Asian movie night Satori Screen, on Friday 20th October we offer a rare chance to see two zombie films, Train To Busan & Seoul Station up on the big screen. Its sure to be a night filled with all the thrills, spills and zombie kills you could ever want.


For those interested in writing horror, there is a one-day workshop, Writing Horror Stories course taking place at QUAD in October. Horror remains a popular genre of fiction, with a host of well-known leading lights as well as superb authors in the independent presses. But how do you craft your own chilling tales and create perfect scares? QUAD’s Literature Officer (and horror author) Alex Davis will explore key areas such as building tension and atmosphere, building to a perfect final reveal, characterisation in horror, giving you all the tools to build a story that will stay with your reader long after they have put it down. Writing Horror Stories With Alex Davis takes place in QUAD on Saturday 28th October, 10:00am to 4:00pm. Tickets are: £30 and £25 concessions.

History Of The Zombie
, presented by Cult Film Historian Darrell Buxton, is an in depth look at the career of this much-maligned movie monster. History Of The Zombie with Darrell Buxton takes place in QUAD on Wednesdays from 11th October to 15th November, 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Course fees are £40, £30 concessions and includes entry to a zombie film double bill of: Train To Busan and Seoul Station on Friday 20th October.