Highlights of Derby Film Festival

29 April 2016
The third Derby Film Festival launches tonight, with some fantastic previews and events to look forward to. Here's some of the films QUAD staff are most excited about...

"I’m a HUGE fan of Phillip Kaufman (his Invasion of the Body Snatchers is one of my all time favourite films!) so the chance to see The Right Stuff on the big screen and in 35mm is a really big deal for me!" - Daryn, Facilities Officer

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Derby Cathedral will be a great event. I’m also planning on bringing the kids to hear Orson Welles' War Of the Worlds – though I don’t know if they’ll sit through the whole lot & think it’s a great opportunity to fire up their imaginations. I’m planning to catch the previews to see Mustang & Hanna & Alice also Son Of Saul. And I’d like to see the Seventh Seal again as I missed half of it when I saw it for film studies at Art college many years ago!" - Kathy, Marketing Manager

"It's really hard to just pick one thing from this year's festival lineup. The Hunchback At Notre Dame at Derby Cathedral promises to be a truly memorable one off event and the chance to see The Right Stuff on the big screen is extremely exciting for me. I'm going to choose my screening of The Case Of Hana & Alice on Thursday evening though. It's a fantastic animated film, featuring really characters that are easy to relate to, an intriguing mystery and a gorgeous art style. I think people are going to love it!" - Peter, Derby Film Festival Coordinator

"As always it’s a stellar line up, and as a big fan of documentaries and expressive punctuation in film titles “Do You own the Dancefloor?” and “Live from New York!” are potential highlights. The Screening of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” in the Cathedral will also be a really special experience and the late addition of “Purple Rain” is a sad but fitting tribute. “Son of Saul” and “Green Room” also look fantastic, I could go on.." - Theo, Duty Manager

"Live From New York! – the start of some many great comedy careers" - Adam B, QUAD CEO

"All the films from China curated by Yu Depeng and Suzana Sanz in the Journeys to China Season of new films by young Chinese Directors" - Louise, Artistic Director

"I'm excited to see previews of Mustang and Son of Saul which both look outstanding. I'm also a huge Prince fan so the chance to see Purple Rain on the big screen is one I'm looking forward to." - Laura, Marketing Coordinator