Important changes to Data Protection settings on your QUAD customer account

14 December 2016

QUAD receives a significant portion of our funding from Arts Council England (ACE) and we are part of ACE’s National Portfolio which means that, subject to approval through an application process, ACE commit to funding us for periods of four years at a time which is vital to our programme.

As part of the latest ACE funding agreement we have been asked to review and extend our data protection policy. ACE requires us to be prepared to share customer data with other ACE funded projects and organisations with whom we are working in partnership. This could, for example, be a touring production that we host, an exhibition we work collaboratively on, a workshop we run with ACE funded artists or a number of other events or project strands. The main purpose of data sharing is to ensure that smaller companies and organisations who sell tickets through larger organisations, such as QUAD, have access to their own audiences in order to better promote and discuss their own work. 

Of course, we will not share any data with other organisations without your permission so we have extended our data sharing options on your customer record to give you more choice about what we do with the information we hold about you. These options will make provision for the agreement we are required to make with ACE and will also ensure that we are acting in the most appropriate way when working with other carefully selected partner organisations.

What this means for you

When you log in to your customer record online and view ‘Your Details’, you will now see three privacy options which are further explained if you click to ‘Edit Your Details’. 

1. QUAD Mailings - Are you happy for QUAD to contact you about our programme, organisation and special offers?

2. Third Party Event Info - Are you happy for us to share your details with selected third parties where it is necessary for the third party to send you important information related to a specific event booking e.g. an itinerary, menu choice, delegate pack etc? They would not contact you for any other purpose.

3. Third Party Marketing Info - Are you happy for us to share your details with selected third parties for their own marketing purposes?

First option: When you first provided us with your contact details, you will have already made a choice about the first option. This indicates whether you are happy for QUAD to contact you about our own events and offers. Please check this option on your customer record to ensure that your ongoing preference is indicated correctly.

Second option: This relates to events held at or by QUAD which are in collaboration with another organisation. Currently, all customers have been opted in to this privacy level by default as we feel it’s an important element to your bookings. We strongly recommend that you remain in agreement to be contacted under these circumstances as it will enable our partners to provide you with vital event information relating to specific bookings. Without this permission, you may miss out on very important information about one of the events you are attending at QUAD.  

Third option:
this refers to us sharing your contact details (excluding phone number) with a third party organisation for their own Marketing of events and offers. We will carefully select the partners we choose to share this information with. If you would like to support other organisations by allowing us to share your contact details with them where relevant, please tick this option on your customer record. 

If you have any questions about our new privacy levels or data sharing please contact us at info@derbyquad.co.uk and we will get back to you with further information.