My Work placement at QUAD – November 2015

20 November 2015

Week 1

On Tuesday I was introduced to some core members of the QUAD team with a tour around QUAD, sat with the marketing team and entered the film schedule times and dates to other websites who display the films at QUAD.

A good day overall, it was nice to get to meet a lot of new people as well as understand what the QUAD does, It was a relief to find how relaxed the office environment was. An office that is thoroughly personalised by everyone there.

Back with the guys on the marketing team on Wednesday, I collated newspaper cuttings. I then worked my way through a list of films and found suitable stills for the new programme guide for QUAD.

Getting to know the marketing team was fun and I learnt a little more about them and what they do. I was able to share my ideas, knowledge and critique regarding the QUAD website and app.

Thursday was a change of pace, I got to meet Sandra who leads QUAD education. She shared with me what she does Twitter, she also creates flyers for the different workshops she organises. I created a flyer for upcoming ‘KidsQUAD’ sessions using an image editing program as well as being aware of the QUAD branding guidelines.

I enjoyed working with the Brand guide to create a flyer and I was certainly happy with the result. Using skills I already had for something useful was pretty rewarding.

Friday involved creating another flyer. Later I went to watch the film Spectre in QUAD – a great film which I thoroughly enjoyed - though it turned out to be a whopping 148 minutes! A great end to the first week.

Week 2

A new week and I got the opportunity meet the Corporate team who set me on the task of researching LinkedIn, and improve links with other businesses. I wrote a comprehensive document on getting started with Linkedin.

A good day overall. I ended up learning a good handful of new stuff about LinkedIn that I didn't already know. I even got my picture taken as a new profile image for LinkedIn, Which I then used for my Twitter and Facebook.

Tuesday, I got to have some fun with a DSLR camera – a change compared to my own camera which does everything for me. My task was to document a session of ‘Listen Love Learn’. Showing the different activities children/babies did with their mothers, but I could only take pictures of hands doing the work. This lead to a lot of creative ways of taking nice pictures.

A nice challenge! I loved doing this. I had fun snapping tons of photos in different styles and positions. Another example of me being able to use existing skills in a new way.

The next day I was working with QUAD’s Over 50's group ‘GoldsQUAD’ in a one of their weekly craft workshops. I then walked around documenting the activity in picture form, snapping at least 100 photos to document anything and everything.

This Friday I have been and taking over the QUAD Twitter account for the national ‘Kids in Museums’ Twitter #takeoverday

By BBC Make It Digital Intern: Thomas Edwards