Classic Horror Films for Halloween


20 October 2020

Classic Horror Films for Halloween

Three films will be screening on Saturday 31 October for Halloween at QUAD, a classic Hammer horror and a Zombie double-bill.
Dracula Has Risen From The Grave (15) is a Hammer horror Dracula movie from 1968. Christopher Lee returns for the third time to the Bram Stoker’s legendary role, going fang-to-cross with the forces of good in Freddie Francis’ stylish, atmospheric film. Rupert Davies, Barbara Ewing and the beguiling Veronica Carlson star alongside Lee. Screening on Saturday 31 October at 5:45pm, tickets are £9.80, or £4.00 for young people aged 15 – 25. 

Following this, on the evening of 31 October QUAD’s Halloween Zombie Double Bill – ‘Dead Before Bed’ (18) includes The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue and Zombie Flesh Eaters. Screening on Saturday 31 October from 8:00pm. Tickets are £15, £12.50 Concessions, £10 for those aged 18-25 years.

The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue is shot in glamourous surrounds of the Derbyshire, Jorge Grau’s classic zombie movie from 1974 is one of the genre’s highlights. New experiments with a new pesticide on local farmland have had the unfortunate effect of awakening the dead and turning them into ravenous, blood-hungry cannibals. George (Ray Lovelock) and Edna (Cristina Galbo) are out driving in the English countryside when they run into some trouble with a murderous zombie. 

Zombie Flesh Eaters was envisaged as a cash in on the huge success of George A. Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead, but Lucio Fulci’s 1979 film is now a highlight of the zombie genre. The story sees newspaper reporter heading to a small Caribbean island to investigate strange reports of experiments being conducted and zombie reanimation.

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