Digital Participation Artist in Residence at QUAD: Alison Goodyear


09 November 2022

Digital Participation Artist in Residence at QUAD: Alison Goodyear

QUAD is delighted to announce Alison Goodyear as our latest Digital Participation Artist in Residence. The Digital Participation Artist in Residence programme is for artists who are engaged with the theory and practice of innovative digital arts practices and research.  

Alison will be in residence from November 2022 – March 2023 and will work closely with the QUAD curatorial team, education team and TechsQUAD to deliver a series of talks and workshops for audiences and participants at QUAD. She is interested in cultivating new ways of collaborative making, working, and potentially, exhibiting. Alison plans to do this through working with collaborators, to help participants develop new skills by working with virtual technologies.  

For the Digital Participation Residency at QUAD, Alison will run a project exploring collaborative ways of making abstract virtual paintings for 360°VR, film, and as potential performance pieces in QUAD workshops during half term.   

Working with the participants, Alison will develop and write a short VR painting plan, which she describes as a virtual painting score. This way of collaborative working with or through instructions or direction reflects on a long history in art making, reflecting the work of artists and choreographers such as Merce Cunningham, Sol LeWitt, Yoko Ono, and Marina Abramović, echoing forms of notation like Banesh Movement and musical orchestrations.  

Alison Goodyear Bio  

Alison Goodyear is an artist, a published independent researcher, and a freelance educator originally from Watford, Hertfordshire. Currently based in Bedfordshire, Goodyear started her art practice working as an abstract painter, using paint on canvas. This practice has evolved to include working on painting in the expanded field, creating physical, phygital and virtual paintings, animated scored films, immersive installations and 360° VR encounters for the headset. These works, which explore new ways of making using virtual technologies, both as a sole artist and in collaboration, test what it is we understand as painting today.  

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