Paracinema Preview - Haunted Ulster Live

Screening at Paracinema 2023




Rave reviews after screening at London's FrightFest

01 September 2023

Haunted Ulster Live

In the first of a series of blogs looking at some of our screenings for Paracinema, where we host a series of cult, horror and genre movies over the weekend of 22nd-25th September! And what better place to start than with our first feature screening of the event, the brilliant HAUNTED ULSTER LIVE!

But don’t just take our word for it – the reviews are pouring in from its recent showing at FrightFest, and here’s what the critics had to say…

I was on the absolute edge of my seat… crafts its own unique haunted house mythology.’
JP Nunez, Horror Obsessive

Genuine shocks and an impressive, creepy conclusion.’
Martin Unsworth, Starburst Magazine

Earns a deserved place in the recent boom of Irish horror, delivering a compelling conclusion that… will leave audiences questioning the unknown.’
Ygraine Hackett, Moving Pictures Film Club

I flipping loved it… one of my favourite films of the year so far.’
Paul Waller, A Year in Horror Podcast

‘A loving homage to one of the greatest moments of television, Haunted Ulster Live is sure to win over fans of Ghostwatch.’
Kat Hughes, Hollywood News

‘It has a Nigel Kneale-like attitude to what ghosts might actually be… we get a sense that putting this psychodrama on television to share with the viewers at home is a very bad idea.’
Kim Newman

Haunted Ulster Live (Advised 18) is a darkly comic take on television ghost hunting, with as many moments of humour as horror, and an exciting way to lead off our movie screenings at Paracinema! For more information on Haunted Ulster Live, or to book tickets for our 6:20pm screening on Friday 22 September visit

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