Host A Drive-In Cinema Event With QUAD


11 June 2020

Host A Drive-In Cinema Event With QUAD

2020 is shaping up to be a difficult and unusual year for community and corporate events, with restrictions on large gatherings and the introduction of new government health and safety measures. However, with great difficulty comes new, positive opportunities…

This year QUAD is excited to be working on a new strategy to develop drive-in cinema programme, and we are open to working with new venues and partners across the UK. With years of experience running Summer Nights Film Festival, and with a team of experienced TECH:SQUAD technicians, we have all the kit and experience to bring Drive-In cinema to your venue or location. The ideal Drive-In Cinema location would be:

· Large – around 100m by 100m, with unbroken views (no trees or lampposts) and able to provide enough space and viewing for up to 160 cars. However, if your venue is a little smaller, our 7-metre screen can accommodate around 80 cars depending on the configuration of your venue.

· Facilities – Toilet facilities will be needed on-site with extra care and diligence to hygiene.

· Power – Two 32amp single-phase supplies, or a 20kWh generator with these power connections. For more information on this, please contact us.

When you choose to work with QUAD to develop a Drive-In Cinema event, you will be supporting our future work to bring film, cinema, community & education programmes and more to Derby and beyond during this difficult time.

If you would like to consider running a Drive-In Screening, why not get in touch? We can help you prepare your event assist with all the intricacies involved, from technical queries, choosing the right film, to marketing your event – and our team of technicians will then turn up on the day and produce your event!

If you would like to find out more about running a drive-in screening, feel free to get in touch with QUAD’s TECH:SQUAD Director, Dr Alex Rock – We’re more than happy to talk through your ideas, give you an idea of the cost, and help you produce a special event to bring people together during these difficult times.

QUAD is a registered charity.