I'm Only Human - Online Exhibition


11 December 2020

I'm Only Human – Online Exhibition

I’m Only Human is an online exhibition produced by Animate Projects – in association with QUAD and Phoenix, Leicester – of three new animations that explore what it means to be human, made in the context of a pandemic.
Artists Sebastian Buerkner, Kim Noce, and Daksha Patel, take us from an exploration of the internal body, by way of the perceptive connections between our bodies and the world, to our external, social, lives.

Daksha Patel’s film, in the same breath, focuses upon internal body imagery, accompanied by a soundtrack of heartbeats, breathing, swallowing. Hand drawings inspired by bio-medical imagery are animated, through creative coding, in response to the soundtrack data.

Sebastian Buerkner’s film, Surge, is a visual approximation surrounding the learning or relearning of sight through bionic implants.
 As we view diffuse and abstracted visuals, based on real footage, the soundtrack reveals that we’re sharing the experience of someone in a fictional medical experiment.

Kim Noce’s film, City of Ladies, includes 25 voices from 16 countries, responding to an invitation to express their view for a new world, in a poetic documentary that explores, and acknowledges, the importance of personal viewpoint and individual ideologies of hope, and for change.

The I’m Only Human commissions are produced by Animate Projects in association with QUAD and Phoenix, Leicester, and are supported by Arts Council England’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

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