Jason Wilsher-Mills: Discover Arts Award


12 May 2020

Jason Wilsher-Mills: Discover Arts Award

By QUAD Digital Participation Curator, John Whall (@John_Whall)

I caught up with Digital Artist and friend of QUAD Jason Wilsher-Mills on his work and a fantastic offer for children and young people in the East Midlands, including your chance to create a video game character and gain the Discover Arts Award! 

As part of his self-isolation and in collaboration with The Mighty Creatives, Jason will be delivering the Discover Arts Award, as part of their SPLASH programme, with 300 young people from the region. In order to reach as many children and young people as he can Jason has also partnered with 20-21 Visual Arts Centre. 

Arts Award Discover is an introductory award, designed for ages 5 and above, but is open to children and young people aged up to 25. Keep an eye on the QUAD website, or sign up to our mailing list, for information of future Arts Award activities.  

The Brief: 

Jason is presently delivering an Arts Council England funded project called ‘The Adventures of Jason & the Argonauts’ – through which he is creating a Virtual Reality (VR) videogame, about the lives and challenges of disabled people. 

To achieve the Discover Arts Award all you need to do is: 

1. Create a character for my video game, who has a disability, but this disability has given them superpowers. Check out Jason’s website for inspiration. 

2. Research: take a look at Jason’s website and come up with five questions about his art. 

3. Send Jason your artwork, which can be created digitally, pencil and paper, paint, pen, etc. And he will then share them on his Facebook artist webpage, with feedback. 

If you are a parent, or a young person who wants to get involved, then please contact Jason at note: although there should be enough certificates for all, there are a limited number of certificates available on a first come serve basis.

For more information on the Discover Arts Award, please visit  

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