Maktab Paintings with VR Tilt Brush


05 December 2019

Maktab Paintings with VR Tilt Brush

As part of our current exhibitions, featuring the works of internationally-renowned artist Imran Qureshi, we have proudly accommodated a unique live art school for a group of artists from Lahore, Pakistan. These artists will be working within our gallery spaces to produce stunning miniature paintings to complement Imran Qureshi’s exhibition, and will also support an ongoing collaboration with the public in our Maktab Painting School and Maktab Artists Open Day.

When creatives come together, incredible things can happen, and our Digital Participation Curator, John Whall has been working with our resident Maktab artists to create unique artworks in Virtual Reality using Google Tilt Brush with some fascinating results: 

John Whall says:
‘I’m always blown away how different artists use digital tools outside of their skillset. It was fascinating to see the Maktab artists explore the 3D space, especially in relation to their own practice. ‘


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