Meet the Artist: How We Make Meaning, Memo Akten


14 September 2020

Meet the Artist: How We Make Meaning, Memo Akten

This week we introduce artist Memo Akten who is exhibiting work in QUAD main Gallery as part of How We Make Meaning at QUAD. Next week we introduce Tom K Kemp who is exhibiting his work in the exhibition Napoleon Complex in QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces.

How We Make Meaning
Memo Akten / Mimi Ọnụọha
7 September 2020 – 24 January 2021
QUAD Gallery one and two

How We Make Meaning features two solo but connected exhibitions by Memo Akten in QUAD Gallery one and Mimi Ọnụọha in QUAD Gallery two. Both artists explore aspects and the meanings of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – particularly in light of gathering and use of data, machine learning and how humans/machines input and interpret data and view the world in scientific, spiritual and deeply personal ways.

Memo Akten (Turkey) is an artist, musician, researcher and philomath. His work and research in Artificial Intelligence/ machine learning looks at collaborative creativity between humans and machines. His work in QUAD Gallery one, Deep Meditations: A brief history of almost everything in 60 minutes is a monument that celebrates life, nature, the universe and our subjective experience of it. The work invites us on a spiritual journey through the slow, meditative, continuously evolving images and sounds, told through the imagination of a deep artificial neural network.

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