Premiere Screenings at Paracinema 2023

Two UK Premieres and One World Premiere!




Nothing Like The First Time!

05 September 2023

While there’s always room for a few classics, one of the highlights of any Film Festival is getting to see things for the first time on the big screen – and Paracinema is no different! In 2023 we’ll be serving up two UK premieres and one world premiere, so don’t miss out on being the first to catch these movies on the big screen!

Saturday 23 September sees the world premiere of INCESSANT, a British horror offering that puts its focus as much on sound as it does the visuals, offering a unique filmic experience that demands to be seen on the big screen! Presented by Sam Mason Bell and the team at Trash Arts, who are capturing ever more attention with their innovative movies, this movie stars Annabella Rich and Chris Mills as a couple hoping to find some peace in the countryside – but they find entirely the opposite waiting for them…

Screening Saturday 23 September at 3:30pm:

Sunday 24 September sees two UK premieres, beginning with the Australian thriller PSYCHOSIS, directed by Pirie Martin. This black and white offering sees criminal fixer Cliff Van Aarle battling both demons both within him and outside, with a series of voices narrating his own life as he attempts to solve a sinister mystery buried in the dark underbelly of society. Psychosis is a psychedelic and energetic thriller with a visual style all its own.

Screening Sunday 24 & Monday 25 September at 12:45pm:

Our final UK premiere is the Japanese body horror movie THE SOUND OF SUMMER, directed by Guy. Over the course of a swelteringly hot summer, The Cicada Man carries a box of the insects with him at all times – but what is his intention for the insects, and the young waitress that finds herself to focus of his attention? This one is a strong entry into the long history of brutal and bleak Japanese horror.

Screening Sunday 24 September at 5:25pm:

So be sure not to some film FOMO and get yourself down to Paracinema and be the very first to catch our premieres as part of the programme!

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