Watch new feature film Mouthpiece (15) through QUAD Player


10 March 2021

Watch new feature film Mouthpiece (15) through QUAD Player

QUAD Player brings you the opportunity to stream the exciting new indie comedy Mouthpiece (15), available from Friday 12 March priced at £9.99 for a three day rental period.

Mouthpiece (15) 

Mouthpiece (15) is a powerful, funny and highly original look into the conflicted psyche of a fiercely independent millennial woman, played by two actresses simultaneously – Norah Sadava and Amy Nostbakken

Cass (Norah Sadava & Amy Nostbakken) is a single writer who lives by her own rules. She’s also a bit of a disaster. Following the sudden death of her mother, Elaine (Maev Beaty), she finds herself in crisis, unable to think straight with a debate raging inside her head. Mouthpiece (15) makes that invisible conflict visible: Cassandra battles it out while figuring out what to say at her mother’s funeral. What unfolds is a wild careening through grief, anger, sex and self-sabotage in an exploration of the messy lives of women from both generations. Raucous jokes, musical numbers and heart- breaking memories add up to a deeply moving and political portrait of a mother and a daughter as seen through the eyes of one conflicted young woman. 

Available on QUAD Player from Friday 12 March

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