QUAD 100 Club

The aim of the QUAD 100 Club is to raise funds that support QUAD’s  programme of outreach work which helps transform the lives of young and old people, the disadvantaged and those in hard to reach communities. 

QUAD CEO Adam Buss said “We recognise that all businesses have to operate under the tight budgets and understand that many businesses will not be able to support us in a normal sponsorship way. With this in mind, we have created the QUAD 100 Club. Very simply, we aim to get 100 businesses to pay £100 each to become an annual member.”

For a payment of £100.00 + VAT your business will sponsor QUAD for one year. The fantastic benefits to you and your business include:

• Advertising in QUAD - Your businesses name displayed on a glass partition in the QUAD font. This is positioned on the 1st floor next to the lift which is an area of high footfall in QUAD.
• Your business logo displayed on our website with a hyperlink to your site on the QUAD 100 Club member’s page.
• 10 free cinema tickets.
• 10% discount on space hire
• Invited to sponsor events at QUAD (4 per year, dates and times vary).

If you feel that any of the above would benefit your business, please contact Lucy Orme - 01332 285443 / lucyo@derbyquad.co.uk