QUAD events as part of ‘Derby Peace Week’ 23rd – 29th April 2018

13 April 2018

QUAD will be holding events as part of ‘Derby Peace Week’ which will be celebrated with events from Monday 23rd to Saturday 29th April. The whole week involves a variety of events including concerts, spoken word events and workshops at QUAD, Derby Multifaith Centre, the Hairy Dog, The Maypole and Friends Meeting House. In QUAD there will be a film screening, workshop and talk.

Events in QUAD start on Monday 23 April with the film From Balfour To Banksy, which looks the ‘Balfour Declaration’: the vision of Israel set in motion 100 years ago, by Britain’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour. The Declaration also had another disastrous impact: the dispossession of the Palestinian people. The film looks at other visions and a wide range of views from occupied Palestine today, from anger to attempts at envisioning a future. It also shows the contemporary artist Banksy, who has created in Palestine a hotel that is also a remarkable satirical art installation. Presented by Derby Palestinian Solidarity, the film’s Producer Miranda Pinch will be at QUAD for a post screening discussion. From Balfour To Banksy takes place on Monday, 23rd April at 7:00pm. Tickets are: £9 or £7 concessions. 

‘The World is My Country is an informal event led by ‘Peace News’ which will be a celebration of the people and movements who opposed the First World War. Told in images and stories, featuring disobedient soldiers, feminist peace initiatives, a Maori princess, a Derbyshire second-hand clothes seller framed for attempted murder, and the striking graphic art of Emily Johns. The World is My Country with Peace News is free event open to anyone aged ten and above which takes place in QUAD on Saturday 28th April, from 11:00am to 1:00pm. 

Artist Mark Neville will lead a tour of his exhibition in QUAD Battle Against Stigma in QUAD, followed by a talk in QUAD Gallery. Mark will be talking about his work as an official British War Artist in Afghanistan, and his battle with PTSD on returning home. He has subsequently led a campaign to highlight the stories of veterans also suffering from PTSD, and also about his new work about the estimated 1.8 million internally displaced Ukrainians resulting from the war in the Donbas. Mark Neville’s Derby Peace Week Exhibition Tour and Talk takes place in QUAD Gallery on Saturday 28th April, from 1:00pm, it is free to attend and tickets are available through QUAD Box Office. 

 The Battle Against Stigma exhibition in QUAD Gallery features photographs, films, emails from former service personnel that recounts Neville’s own personal experience when he was sent out to Helmand in 2011 as an official war artist. The exhibition is intended to give some insight into the issue of adjustment disorder and PTSD which he suffered from on his return to the UK. Paired with the films, photographs and e-mails relating to Neville’s Helmand experience, are photographs and video interviews he made in Ukraine in 2017. The exhibition will connect with veterans, artists, academics, charities and policy makers, uniting the different sectors of society necessary to address improved mental healthcare for service personnel. Battle Against Stigma can be seen in QUAD Gallery until 10th June.

To book places on any of the events, go to: https://www.derbyquad.co.uk or call QUAD Box Office on 01332 290606.