QUAD Recommends... Free App & Online Courses of the Month

08 October 2015

Here at QUAD we love experimenting with digital media. From apps to games and online courses, there are hundreds of free digital tools out there to choose from, so we'll be sharing our staff favourites on this blog each month.

Have any other suggestions to share? Leave them in the comments below or tweet us @derbyquad


"This is great for easy music making & free now!" - Rob, Digital Technical Officer

"I'm in love with Wunderlist." - Kirsty, Visitor Services Team Member

Haiku Jam
"HaikuJAM is an app through which people create poetic expressions together. With words and photos, you can explore your own creativity and be inspired by others from around the world. Simple to use, multi-platform and with a great interface that is easy to pick up and use." - Adam, QUAD CEO



Coursera - Game Development 
"Introduction to Game Development. A great way for anyone interested in the world of computer games to get an insight into what goes into developing them from the start. FREE to enrol and a good way of finding out if it is something you would like to learn more about!" - Adam, QUAD CEO

Coursera - The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound & Colour
"I can definitely recommend this course. Took it a few years ago now, great to learn about pivotal technological transition periods for the centre of western film. You also will get to know the legendary Natalie Kalmus, colour supervisor on almost all Technicolor films between '34 and '49 and a strong woman in a male dominated industry." - Daryn, Duty Manager

By Laura Millward (Marketing Coordinator)