QUAD Staff's Favourite Scary Movies

06 October 2017

With Halloween just around the corner we asked QUAD staff to tell us about the films that have kept them up at night...

 Don't Look Now (1973 Dir: Nicolas Roeg)

"For the overall sense of foreboding." 

Adam Buss - Chief Executive

The Evil Dead (1981 Dir: Sam Raimi)

 "An intense and brilliantly inventive onslaught of gory guerrilla filmmaking. This film had a massive impact on me as a child, not just because of the onscreen horror but also because it was probably my first exposure to real independent filmmaking and I was impressed with what was accomplished."

Adam Crowther, Duty Manager

 Rosemary's Baby (1968 Dir: Roman Polanski)

"Ira Levin is such a good storyteller, I’d like to read the book"

Laura Millward - Marketing Officer

 Rec (2008, Dir: Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza)

"It's a really original take on the zombie movie genre and doesn't rely on clichés for the scares."

Daisy Leverington, Duty Manager

 Let The Right One In (2009 Dir: Tomas Alfredson)

"Let the Right One In drew me in with its beautiful muted spaces and intriguing child characters"

Hannah Herve-Petts, HR Manager

Battle Royale (2000 Dir: Kinji Fukusaku)

"I love the gore and brutality of it, how the audience is lured into a false sense of hope for these children and how you soon pick your favourites to win. I think the concept is interesting, and it has been executed so well, no wonder so many films have tried to follow in its path!"

Chantelle Fallaize, Visitor Services Assistant

Hidden (2006 Dir: Michael Hanake)

“The emotionless tale of a family being stalked by a mysterious video taper” 

Daryn Shepherd, Facilities Officer

The Lift (1983 Dir: Dick Maas)

"I really enjoy it for its ups and downs"

Adam Marsh, Cinema Programmer

 Tremors (1990 Dir: Ron Underwood)

"It's a great film to watch with friends and shout along to in mock horror and joy"

Debbie Cooper, Digital Artist Training Coordinator

 Braindead (1992 Dir: Peter Jackson)

"Because of the comic tones and animation style"

John Whall, Digital Participation Curator

 Onibaba (1964 Dir: Kaneto Shindo)

"A mesmerising tale with a genuinely eerie atmosphere throughout"

Peter Munford, Specialised Cinema Marketing Assistant

 The Blair Witch Project (1999 Dir: Eduardo Sánchez, Daniel Myrick)

"The online hype was ground-breaking. The lo-fi docu-style of edited 'found footage' was exciting. The actors were believable. The sounds in the night, piles of stones and stick-people hanging from trees were chilling. The absence of gore was refreshing. The final image was haunting. The pile of stones placed in my bed by my housemate after we saw the film were terrifying."

Ben Spiller, Artistic Director - 1623 Theatre Company (Based at QUAD)

 Threads (1984 Dir: Mick Jackson)

"Scared a various range of proverbials out of me as a teenager. Still topical, unfortunately…Still scared…"

Sandra Greatorex, Education Curator

 28 Days Later (2002 Dir: Danny Boyle)

"I am less than hopeless with horror movies. I drew the line at 28 Days Later and called it a day. Lightweight."

Margaret Abbotts, Accounts Manager

 House Of 1000 Corpses (2003 Dir: Rob Zombie)

"I love the characters in this one"

Toni Miles, Visitor Services Assistant

 The Vanishing (1988 Dir: George Sluizer)

"Me & my friend went to see it on a matinee screening expecting a charming foreign language film & came out so horrified we were unable to speak."

Kathy Frain, Marketing Manager

QUAD has lots of exciting Halloween screenings coming up, including our annual Dead & Breakfast horror all-nighter. Find out more at this page.