Scalarama returns in September!

12 August 2015

Once again the country is being turned into cinemas as Scalarama takes over the month of September! The Fringes presents some eclectic selections to entrance your senses. From European poetic eroticism to V-Cinema, from Straight To Video delights to classic 80s comedy and a live reworking of a sci-fi classic.


Fringe Cinema presents…Celia / Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders - Arthouse Horror Double Bill

Friday 4th & Saturday 5th September at 8pm

Two classics of both horror and the arthouse combine for a delirious double bill.

Celia (15)

Set in mid-1950s Australia, with the fear of Communism in the air and the country’s farmlands overrun byb a plague of rabbits, the film depicts a long, hot summer seen through the eyes and over-active imagination of nine year old Celia.




Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders (15)

A heady mix of horror, fairy tale, surrealism and Freudian symbolism depicts the fantastical world inhabited by a young girl on the threshold of adulthood. Haunting and dreamlike, beguiling and magical, the film is a work of pure imagination and a cult classic.


Crossing The Streams presents….The ‘Burbs (12A)

The ‘Burbs (12A)

Friday 11th & Saturday 12th September

Tom Hanks at his comedy peak in this comedy about a guy who is pushed too far. Hanks plays conscientious neighbour Ray Peterson who lives in a typical American suburb. When new neighbours move in, Ray starts to get suspicious. Nobody ever sees them, their house is a mess and during the night strange sounds emanate from the basement. Then one day Walter, the old man of the neighbourhood disappears and everyone starts to suspect the new neighbours….


Satori Screen presents…V Cinema Night featuring Dead Or Alive (18) S

Friday 18th and 19th September

V-Cinema was the name given to films released direct to video in Japan in the 1990s in response to the huge demand for home viewing product. These low budget films were produced by studios more interested in quantity than the content of the films, creating unprecedented creative freedom for directors and some truly wild movies. Directors like Takashi Miike (Audition), Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Tokyo Sonata) and Hideo Nakata (The Ring) all started out in V-Cinema before going on to international acclaim.

On Friday 18th September, Satori Screen's Peter Munford will present a short illustrated talk on the history of this chaotic and disreputable sub-section of the Japanese film industry followed by a screening of V-Cinema classic Dead Or Alive.


Dead Or Alive (18) S

Two titans of V-Cinema are destined to clash in this hugely energetic and exciting gangster thriller from director Miike. Riki Takeuchi (Tokyo Tribe) is Ryuichi, the head of a triad gang trying to gain control of the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. Show Aikawa (Tokyo Zombie) is Jojima, a cop seeking to bring about a gang war between the triads and the yakuza, in the hope they will wipe each other out. The battle between these two men will literally be explosive!


Fright Club presents….Straight To Video night!

Friday 25th September at 8pm

Fright Club pairs up a couple of Straight To Video films and sends them into Parts Unknown (aka The Big Screen). One film from the golden age of VHS is the Stephen King directed Maximum Overdrive.


Maximum Overdrive (18)

USA 1986 97 mins

Dir: Stephen King

It’s the same old story… a comet passes by, all the machines come to life and, of course, turn their murderous headlights on humanity. Set in a desert truck stop, a group of survivors including Emilo Estevez, Pat Hingle and Lisa Simpson, I mean actress Yeardley Smith must fight to survive.




Ghost Town (18)

USA 1988 81 mins

Dir: Richard Governer

A modern day deputy tracks a kidnapped girl to a deserted town, a ghost town as it were. There he finds that the term Ghost Town is a literal description! Haunted by the spirited of an outlaw Devlin and his gang who are holding the dead spirits of the town hostage, only a lawman can send the spirits on their final journey.