SHADO Con event for fans of retro TV at QUAD in June

05 May 2017

A one-day convention SHADO Con celebrating Gerry Anderson's classic series UFO will take place at QUAD in June.

Sci-fi fans and their parents may fondly recall a moonbase run by svelte purple-wigged women, and a blond, ice-cool Commander Straker heading Earth's defences against an Alien race in eerie spinning craft. Made from 1969 to 1970, UFO was set 10 years in the future - 1980. It boasts special effects far ahead of their time, stories with a surprisingly adult bent from the team who made Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, and a supporting cast including Ed Bishop, George Sewell, Gabrielle Drake, and Michael Billington.

Guests for the SHADO Con event include Ayshea Brough, pop singer and presenter of legendary ‘70s music show Lift Off With Ayshea, who will relive her memories as unflappable control room operative Lt Johnson. Other guests include Michael Jayston (Tinker Tailor, Soldier Spy, Only Fools And Horses) and Susan Jameson (When The Boat Comes In, New Tricks). Both were guests in the same episode, one of three being screened in High Definition at the con. UFO actor Shane Rimmer, the voice of Thunderbird 1 pilot Scott Tracy in the evergreen Thunderbirds will also be attending.

The SHADO Con event, which is expected to attract fans from far and wide, will also have Autograph sessions, model-makers' and dealers' tables.

SHADO Con takes place in QUAD on Saturday 3rd June 10:00am - 5:00pm, tickets are £45 or £35 concessions. 

Tickets can be booked by calling QUAD Box office on 01332 290606 or online.