Digital Participation Expedition Launch

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Digital Participation Expedition Launch

Wednesday 18th July 12:30 - 5:00pm, FREE

The East Midlands Participatory Arts Forum (EMPAF) and QUAD invite established and emerging cultural organisations, artists and facilitators to participate in practice and discussion exploring the current and future landscape of digital participation, within arts and culture.

EMPAF leads this expedition into the meaning and use of ‘digital participation’. Through a series of gatherings, EMPAF partner organisations will be exploring examples of ‘good practice’, training, the work of inspirational digital artists, taking part in participatory digital sessions and starting wider and deeper debates about the role of new media in society in general and how this impacts positively or otherwise on our community and participatory work.

Highlights include:

Keynote talk - Why would you bring ‘digital’ together with ‘participation'?

Practical demos of current and past digital participation projects and activities

Hands on with Junction Arts Data Draw

Demonstration of Arts and Culture Exhibitions in 3D Virtual Reality with V21 Artspace

QClub World - A VR world made by young people with autism additional support needs

Opportunity to join a Gallery Tour led by QUAD’s Senior Curator Peter Bonnell


This event is designed to inspire conversation and debate through practical participatory activities. There will be workshop demonstrations by digitally focused organisations, group discussions on the role of digital in participatory practice and an event discussion with leading professionals and organisations on what we mean when we say “digital participation”.

At this launch event EMPAF will propose three further destinations hosted around the East Midlands. EMPAF have already started conversations over what these will look like, but invite deligate input into shaping these events further. These destinations hope to explore:

Digital participation for people who do not access technology in the traditional way, looking at accessibility and user interfaces.

Inspirational artists who take their digital work further than ‘inter-action’ to ‘participation’.

How can organisations keep themselves online and in line with the digital age?

How do we manage and control ‘digital’ when it can manipulate the truth and shift culture?

What does ‘digital' enable us to do in our programmes that we couldn’t before?

Can it improve quality and access and enable people to work together?


There will also be opportunity to visit Joey Holder's newly commissioned exhibition in QUAD Gallery; Adcredo: The Deep Belief Network. Joey’s work focuses on “network culture and digital technologies” and this new work explores the area of belief in an online society.


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