What Are Deep Belief Networks?

Wednesday 30 May 2018

What Are Deep Belief Networks?

Open Discussion Group with Andrew Wilson and Joey Holder
What are deep belief networks? 

30th May, 7:00pm

As artist Joey Holder develops her new commission for QUAD and BLOC Projects – Adcredo: The Deep Belief Network’ that will ‘investigate the construction of belief in online networks, examining the rise of unjust ideologies and fantasies, and how these are capable of affecting our worldview’ - join us in a discussion led by Joey and University of Derby Senior Lecturer in Sociology Andrew Wilson. 

This discussion group will explore a range of themes and ideas relating to myths, fantasies and how we live and operate on-line. As Andrew Wilson comments: 'In an age of fake news and alternate facts is it surprising that conspiracy theories also circulate deeper into the mainstream? Although it can be fun to imagine royalty as shape shifting reptilians it's also worth holding onto the idea that conspiracy theories have more serious implications. On the one hand they encourage a healthy scepticism toward dominant accounts of reality and on the other they can be seen to quickly lead the unwary truth seeker into politically deep waters.'

FREE – but booking is essential