Teen Twitter Takeover Day

04 September 2015

Recently, I was invited to take part in a national event, ‘Twitter Takeover’. This is where a group of teenagers within a certain region take over an organisation’s Twitter feed for the afternoon. This occurs across the world.

Daniel and me were given a complete tour of the Derby Quad and were shown many behind-the-scenes artifacts and had many a conversation with friendly members of staff.

We were then taken into the office and shown ‘the ropes’, given the gear and off went the first tweet! We introduced ourselves to the thousands of people that follow Quad’s account with a photo and an introductory comment.

Once the first tweet flew off, the account was booming! Replies and comments were coming in by the second. 

At 2:30pm, we started our first interview with CEO, Adam Buss. Our questions included: “What is your favourite part of working at Derby Quad?” and “What is your favourite quote?” After the interview, we tweeted some images of an exhibition that is presently on show to the “Twitterati”.

It was soon after that we did our second and final interview with Artistic Director, Louise Clements. She was great to talk to and answered the questions in lots of detail. Some questions we asked her included: “Are the people here at Quad easy to work with?” and “What does being the Artistic Director entitle?”

Daniel and me both really enjoyed this great experience and are grateful we were given the opportunity to do so. Some of our favourite parts were going into the eerie exhibition, sending our intro and outro tweets and meeting all the lovely staff members.

By Krissy - QUAD Youth Forum Member