Year 10 Work Experience Review: Jurassic World

24 July 2015
Jurassic World is the “bigger, louder” brother to Jurassic Park, a Steven Spielberg film made 22 years previously. But what was gained in CGI and cinematography has been lost in character chemistry. The relationship between Zach (Nick Robinson) and his younger brother Gray (Ty Simpkins) is far from credible, and Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire’s (Bryce Dallas Howard) romance, which is supposed to be a throwback to the vintage romances of films such as Indiana Jones, ends up appearing slightly sexist, with Claire incapable of much, desperately in need of Owen’s strength, as she totters around in high heels attempting to find the nephews she has lost. 
Despite this, the film is impressive. The special effects are astonishing, and the music adds to the suspense, particularly in the final sequences. Special effects have come a long way in the 22 years between Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, the most recent addition to the series, which makes the film more frightening than ever. 
Lowery, Owen and Masrani are acted extremely well, with the strong beliefs of the characters clearly portrayed by the actors, and several of the scenes between Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus make the film worth watching. 
There are many clever references to the reality of the modern day in the film, particularly when Claire says “No one’s impressed by a dinosaur anymore… Consumers want them bigger, louder – more teeth.” This quote, which may go unnoticed amidst the action-packed film, is referencing the film industry – they can’t just have dinosaurs, that’s been done before, they needed something bigger, scarier … enter the Indominus Rex. 
The Indominus Rex is a genetically modified dinosaur, the majority of its genes come from the famous T-Rex, but the rest? Well that’s classified. It breaks out of its cage, and heads towards the theme park, killing everything in its path, and in the meantime Zach and Gray are lost in the park, where they are staying for the weekend. Their aunt Claire is supposed to be looking after the boys, but is too focused on the park’s profit to realise the danger until it is too late…
Although it can’t quite top Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, the blockbuster film is well worth the watch, with impressive CGI and brilliant action sequences. Enjoy!
By Ella - Year 10 Work Experience Student