Top 5 Portrait Photography Tips

14 May 2015

Want to take better portraits? Here are some top tips from photographer Jon Legge, who runs photography courses here at QUAD.

1) Ditch the flash! The small flash on compact cameras and DSLR's makes for flat & ugly lighting. Photograph your subject using natural light from a window or even a desk lamp.

2) Talk to your subject - most people feel awkward in from of a camera- make jokes, flatter them, tell them where to look, and put them at ease.

3) Try photographing from a higher or lower viewpoint. Photographing someone from low down makes them look taller, photographing them from above makes them look smaller. See if you can make the tallest person in your family look short!

4) Photograph people doing something they enjoy - they won't take as much notice of you.

5) Try shooting someone you've never photographed before - don't always do the same person. It's good practice!

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You can follow Jon Legge on Twitter @jonleggephoto or via his blog

By Jon Legge