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QClub Augmented Reality FORMAT19 Exhibition

15 Mar
13 Apr 2019

Through the medium of photography, digital collage and augmented reality, QClubbers have worked with artists Abbie Canning and Darius Powell to create interactive self-portraits.

In Roland Barthes’ seminal text on photography, Camera Lucida, Barthes writes of the ‘Punctum’ as an object within a photograph that jumps out at the viewer. The ‘Punctum’ disturbs the image, creating an ‘element which rises from the scene’.

Drawing inspiration from Barthes, QClubbers images, when scanned, reveal the young person’s innermost thoughts; constructs of their future selves; or, imagery that seeks to immortalise their most cherished possessions or memories.

Explore the young peoples work by downloading the QClub Format AR app available at: