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The Contouring Of Deafhoods

17 Mar 2019
The Contouring of Deafhoods

Following on from 2018's successful D/deaf audiences programme Lives In Sign Language, the London Short Film Festival is proud to present a package of award winning and rarely screened short films from around the world.

The programme comprises of a selection of thought provoking contemporary short films from the UK, New Zealand and Spain that each bring stories about D/deaf culture and experience to the big screen. The Contouring of Deafhoods is a London Short Film Festival touring shorts programme for D/deaf audiences curated by young Deaf programmer Zoe McWhinney.

The Programme

Lightning (Dir: Christine Isoli, UK, 18 mins)
BSL and English Subtitles
A chance encounter at a traffic light turns into an unexpected friendship between an underground musician and a deaf girl, who dreams of becoming a pilot.

Boat (Dir: Louise Stern, UK, 23 mins)
BSL and English Subtitles
A young girl comes to live on a boat, she communicates with the people - and the gerbil - who inhabit this world via notes, gesture and dance.

Words of Caramel (Dir: Juan Antonio Moreno, Spain, 21mins)
English subtitles
In a refugee camp in the Sahara Desert lives a deaf boy who wishes to learn how to write. Welcome to Kori, and his best friend Caramel the camel's silent world.

Tama (Dir: Jared Flitcroft and Jack O'Donnell, NZ, 9 mins)
NZSL and English subtitles
Tama is about a young Maori Deaf boy who wants to perform the Haka. On a near-fatal car trip, Tama has to confront his family. In his struggle, he begins to grow from an undervalued youth into a proud younf man.

To Know Him (Dir: Ted Evans, UK, 28 mins)
BSL and English subtitles
To lay the man she loves to rest, a deaf woman must overcome a barrier far greater than language.