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Aniara (18) S

20 Sep
22 Sep 2019

Directed by

Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja


Aniara charts the fate of humans after they have destroyed the planet. ‘Aniara’ is one of several ships launched into space to start anew on Mars and is designed to meet the needs of a species that has just consumed its birthplace. When an accident knocks the ship off course and disables its steering, the likelihood that these once optimistic colonizers will ever reach their destination gradually begins to wane. A caustic portrait of humanity's capacity for self-delusion, self-abuse, and consumption, Aniara follows the ship's passengers as they deal with uncertainty and dread but continue to indulge their appetites whenever, and however, they can. Based on the Pultizer Prize winning poem from Harry Martinson.

"Both bang on the zeitgeist and yet also unnervingly original" - The Guardian