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Ash Is Purest White (15) S

20 May
21 May 2019

Directed by

Zhangke Jia

Ash Is Purest White

Set in 2001 to the present day, Ash Is Purest White is a fusion of innovation, entertainment, and social critique. Qiao (Zhao Tao) lives in a town tumbling into economic decline. She concerns herself little with such matters because her boyfriend, Bin (Liao Fan), is a dashing gangster who works for a corrupt property developer. After his boss is murdered, Bin ascends in rank and finds himself vulnerable to rival hostilities. When Qiao is arrested and send to prison for covering for Bin's actions on her release she discovers that she has stepped into a completely different life from the one she left.

The screening on 20th May at 6pm will include an introduction from Satori Screen programmer Peter Munford. 

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