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The Dirty War On The NHS (15)

09 Dec 2019

Directed by

John Pilger

The Dirty War On The NHS

The Dirty War On The NHS is the new documentary from renowned BAFTA and Emmy-winning film-maker and journalist John Pilger. "This film is a tribute to a unique institution." says Pilger at the start of the film, the film "goes to the heart of the struggle for democracy today." Designed to give millions of people "freedom of fear", the NHS today is under threat of being sold off and converted to a free market model inspired by America's disastrous health insurance system, which results in the death every year of an estimated 45,000 people. Now President Trump says the NHS is "on the table" in any future trade deal with America. Filmed in Britain and the United States, this timely, compelling documentary touches us all and reveals what may be the last battle to preserve the most fundamental human right. 

This screening will be followed by a post-screening discussion led by the Bread & Roses group.