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Don't Look Now (15)

26 Jul
29 Jul 2019

Directed by

Nicolas Roeg

Don't Look Now

Roeg's dazzlingly imaginative adaptation of a Daphne du Maurier short story is one of his greatest achievements. To come to terms with their daughter's death, a couple winter in Venice, where a blind woman tells them she's seen the child....If the film, with its chilly hints of the supernatural, is an enormously effective thriller, it's also an insightful study of profound grief. The wife (Julie Christie) looks to the past for solace, the husband (Donald Sutherland) to the future; accordingly, the fragmented narrative creates a psychological reality where time becomes a tangle of memory, hope, fantasy and fear, while the densely allusive imagery (reds, water, glass, darkness) turns the couple's Venetian sojourn into a waking nightmare. 

"It's a ghost story; it's a meditation on time, memory and the poignancy of married love. And it's a masterpiece." - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian