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Eighth Grade (15)

17 May
23 May 2019

Directed by

Bo Burnham

Eighth Grade

US comedian, actor and writer Bo Burnham’s coming-of-age comedy-drama is an hilarious, heartfelt and unusually clear-eyed look at the trials and tribulations of adolescence. The story revolves around 13-year-old Kayla (Elsie Fisher) as she struggles through the last week of middle school. A loner plagued by social anxiety, she channels her creativity and longing for friendship into her online persona, confidently dispensing advice via video blogs. But nobody watches them, and during her last days of eighth grade she becomes determined to connect in real life with the girls who look down on her and the boys who don’t even look at her.


"Bo Burnham’s first feature film is a note-perfect tale of a shy teenager’s struggle with our internet-obsessed culture." ★★★★★ - Mark Kermode, The Observer