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Fright Club: Special Effects (18)

19 Jul 2019

Directed by

Larry Cohen

Special Effects

We here at Fright Club were greatly upset to hear about the recent passing of director Larry Cohen. As the man behind films such as Q The Winged Serpent, It’s Alive and cult favourite The Stuff amongst countless others, Larry Cohen has made some incredible contributions to the horror genre and to cinema as a whole. In his honour, we are dedicating our July Fright Club screening to him, with a screening of Special Effects. Aspiring actress Andrea runs away from her child and husband in search of fame in New York. After falling prey to the city’s seedy side and taking part in some nude modelling, she meets down on his luck film director Christopher Neville. Matters soon escalate when Christopher murders Andrea on camera in a hope to boost his career.

This screening will be introduced by Fright Club's Darrell Buxton. 

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