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Graffiti Bridge (12) + All Prince Request DJ Night

07 Jun 2019

Directed by


Graffiti Bridge

Prince revisited the character from his biggest hit Purple Rain in this follow up. Graffiti Bridge sees The Kid (Prince) caught in a war between rival clubs. The Glam Slam run by The Kid is being threatened by the owner of Pandemonium (Morris Day of The Time). The only way to solve the crisis is with a music battle! Featuring Funkadelic/Parliament’s George Clinton, The Time, Jill Jones, Ingrid Chavez and Mavis Staples as club owner Melody Cool. Featuring music by Prince and The New Power Generation, George Clinton, The Time, Mavis Staples, Tevin Campbell. 

After the film QUAD's resident Prince obsessive Adam Marsh will be holding an all-Prince DJ night in our cafe bar.