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Gun Crazy (PG)

19 Jul
20 Jul 2019

Directed by

Joseph H. Lewis

Gun Crazy

This electrifying love-on-the-run classic, directed by veritable master of the postwar Hollywood B-Movie, concerns a misfit couple (Peggy Cummins and John Dall) drawn to each other by a mutual - and arguably Freudian - passion for guns. When Annie, temptation personified, threatens to abandon Bart to his humdrum ambitions, he reluctantly embarks on a life of robbing banks... A fast, amoral, consistently gripping study in the appeal of sex, money, power and violence, it sees Lewis firing on all cylinders, prompting his leads to an almost animalistic evocation of amour fou, and turning budgetry limitations to advantage; most memorably of all, a small-town heist is shot, from inside a car, in a single long virtuoso take.

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