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Jailhouse Rock (U)

14 Apr 2019

Directed by

Richard Thorpe

Jailhouse Rock


QUAD’s film curators Rebekah Taylor and Adam Marsh have selected a special selection of classic films inspired by some of the exhibitions at this year’s FORMAT festival. For more information, please see:

If you asked majority of people on the street to name a Elvis film it would probably be Viva Las Vegas or Jailhouse Rock. An Elvis Presley classic featuring the titled song Jailhouse Rock a young man, Vince Everett (Elvis Presley), is convicted of manslaughter after being drawn into a bar fight while trying to defend a woman. In prison, Everett finds salvation when his cellmate, a country singer named Hunk Houghton (Mickey Shaughnessy), hears him sing and pegs him as a future star.

Programmed to tie in with the exhibition Forever Elvis at Bear Café