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Knife + Heart (18) S

26 Jul
29 Jul 2019

Directed by

Yann Gonzalez

Knife + Heart

In the heart of a neon drenched Paris 1979, film director Anne (Vanessa Paradis) has made a career at the bottom end of the gay porn market. After a nasty, bitter break up with her film editor girlfriend Lois (Kate Moran), she vows to make her best film yet to win back Lois. But as mysterious masked serial killer starts to kill off her cast one by one, Anne embraces the situation, turning real life into movies! A sleazy and violent slasher that evokes the nastier side of giallo movies of the 1970s with a score by M83.

“A beautifully shot, moody slasher with an involving mystery that hooks you from its gory opening moments all the way to the heart-breaking climax" ★★★★ – Bloody Disgusting


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