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Official Secrets (15)

18 Oct
31 Oct 2019

Directed by

Gavin Hood

Official Secrets (15)

Based on actual events, Official Secrets tells the remarkable story of Katharine Gun and her effort to stop an illegal war.

In 2003 at her job as a British intelligence specialist, Gun (Keira Knightley) comes across a disturbing email from the US National Security Agency division chief: a request for UK assistance in blackmailing members of the United Nations Security Council into endorsing an invasion of Iraq. Shocked, she makes a decision that will change her life and put her family in danger.

Please note: Official Secrets at 3.15pm on the 30th October will start promptly at 3.25pm with no ads or trailers.
Please note: Official Secrets at 8.20pm on the 31st October will start promptly at 8.30pm with no ads and trailers.