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Paracinema: Diamantino (Cert TBC)

04 May 2019

Directed by

Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt


Directors Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt will join us at the 1:20pm screening on Sunday 5th May for a post-film Q+A.

Everybody wants a piece of Portuguese football superstar Diamantino Matamouros: his trainer father sees a champion, his sisters see a meal ticket, and his country sees a hero. But when he misses the decisive penalty kick in the World Cup final, he begins to question everything he’s ever been told about the world. So far so normal….but that is where normal stops. Grand Prix winner of Cannes Critics’ Week this is a shape-shifting fairy tale, a gender-bending romance, a sci-fi body horror, and an uproarious social satire of modern Europe. Miseducation, fake news, the refugee crisis and the rising tide of right wing nationalism, directors Abrantes & Schmidt deftly dance through these real world traumas. Funny and insightful, it is without doubt the strangest film you will experience this year!

“The movie the world needs right now” – Indiewire

Screening as part of Paracinema Film Festival 2019. Visit the Paracinema website to see the full festival programme.