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Photograph (15) S

02 Sep
05 Sep 2019

Directed by

Ritesh Batra


Struggling street photographer Rafi works day and night to pay off an old family debt. His grandmother is pressuring him to get married, so to keep her quiet he shows her a picture of his supposed fiance, Miloni. When his grandmother demands to meet her, he tracks her down, a younger woman who lives comfortable with her parents while studying to become an accountant, and convinces her to fake their relationship. Despite the differences in their culture, status and economical background, they form a unique bond. The director Ritesh Batra brings the skill he brought to The Lunchbox, to this tale extracting new emotion and resonance from the tale. 

"Its an artful look at two misfit loners who find each other. But only just. **** Four Stars" - Kevin Maher, The Times