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Satori Screen: Category III Double Bill (18)

08 Mar 2019
Dream Home

Join as we screen an exclusive preview of a new documentary by director Calum Waddell (Images Of Apartheid) exploring the crazy and bizarre world of Hong Kong exploitation cinema and then follow it up with one of the genre's wildest entries. 

Category III: The Untold Story Of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema (Adv 18) - PREVIEW SCREENING
UK   2018   85 mins
Dir: Calum Waddell

In 1986 Hong Kong introduced regulation of cinema for the first time. Previously children could attend anything a cinema screened. With the introduction of the Category 3 rating forbidding entry to under-18’s horror and exploitation filmmakers were suddenly confident that their work would not be seen by impressionable eyes. A golden era of politically incorrect, gore filled B-movies followed. Titles like The Untold Story, Red To Kill, The Men Behind The Sun and Naked Killer are still spoken about in awed tones by horror fans around the world and in this new documentary director Calum Waddell tracks down and talks to the people behind some of world cinema’s most bizarre and shocking movies.

Dream Home (18)
Hong Kong   2010   96 mins
Dir: Pang Ho-cheung

Young woman Cheng Lai-sheung is working two jobs to try to afford a new apartment whilst also paying her father’s excessive medical bills. After she comes into an inheritance, she thinks she can finally make it happen, but when the owners hike up the price she decides she much go to violently bloody lengths to keep her dream alive. Dream Home brings the spirit of Category 3 classics into the 21st century, mixing razor sharp satire with gory thrills which regularly cross the border of good taste into gleeful extremity. 

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