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Satori Screen: Destroy All Monsters (PG)

12 Apr 2019

Directed by

Ishiro Honda

Destroy All Monsters

The Avengers of Japanese monster movies!

In the far away future year of 1999 all of the world’s giant monsters, including Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra, have been gathered on a remote island for scientific study. However, when a group of female aliens come to Earth they release the monsters to wreak havok throughout the world’s major cities. It is up to the intrepid crew of the rocket ship X-2 to bring the monsters back under control and save the planet. Featuring the most kaiju monsters ever to feature in a single movie to that point, Destroy All Monsters is a riotous sci fi adventure and a high point of the original Toho Godzilla series.

“For the ten-year-old living inside us all, it is entertainment of the most awesome sort” - Cinefantastique

This screening will be introduced by Satori Screen's Peter Munford. Join the Satori Screen Facebook group to be kept up to date on Asian film screenings at QUAD.