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Satori Screen: Full Contact (18) S

20 Sep 2019

Directed by

Ringo Lam

Full Contact

Chow Yun Fat plays Jeff, who agrees to take part in a heist with Judge (Simon Yam) as he wants to help a friend clear his gambling debts. But when the heist goes catastrophically wrong Jeff and Judge fall out and become hell-bent on gaining vengeance upon each other. At first glance Full Contact may seem to have much in common with John Woo’s hits such as Hard Boiled and The Killer, sharing Chow Yun Fat as the lead and being set amongst the milieu of Hong Kong crime. However, Full Contact is a much grittier proposition and takes a more cynical view on the types of characters Woo portrays with almost mythic awe. Lam’s action sequences also have a more brutal edge that sets them apart from Woo’s balletic shootouts. The result is a gripping action thriller. It also features Lam’s version of a Bullet Time sequence, a full 6 years before the first Matrix movie!

This screening will include an introduction by Satori Screen's Peter Munford.

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