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Satori Screen: The Legend Of The Stardust Brothers (15) S

09 Nov 2019

Directed by

Macoto Tezka

The Legend Of The Stardust Brothers

In the early ‘80s Japanese musician Haruo Chicada created a concept album called The Legend Of Stardust Brothers as the soundtrack to a film that did not exist. In 1985 he met experimental filmmaker Macoto Tezka, who had never made a feature film before, and the two set about creating a real movie inspired by this ‘fake soundtrack’. The storyline follows Shingo and Kan who are brought together as a band by a sinister impresario to make an assault on the charts. The bumpy path to fame and fortune is depicted in a fantastic clash of primary colours, 80s fashions and hugely catchy tunes which has now been revived at international film festivals and hailed as a lost classic.

“Like someone in Japan tried to localise The Young Ones, The Monkees and Phantom Of The Paradise into the same project” – SciFiNow

This screening will include an introduction by Satori Screen's Peter Munford.

Part of the Japan Sings! season, running 7 - 9 November at QUAD. Buy a season pass to see all 5 films in this season at a reduced rate.

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Screening as part of BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show on Screen, a UK-wide film season supported by National Lottery, BFI Film Audience Network and ICO.